485. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [069]

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01. I look after a friend of Daniel's after pre-school a couple of afternoons a week, and it is so great to watch them play together! Daniel hasn't been great at sharing and playing WITH other kids, until now. It's so fun to watch them interact, make up games and even read to each other!

02. Fruit tea and hot cross buns. My current favourite snack. Healthy eating starts tomorrow, definitely.

03. Watching Daniel and his Daddy interact and play together, it's so cute! I've convinced Colin to eat after the boys have gone to bed so he gets a little extra time with them in the evenings, and Daniel really adores his Daddy! Joshua too, of course, and he's really great with them!

04. Daniel's taken a real interest in sports recently. My Dad's a great baseball player, and after seeing Jake and the Neverland Pirates play, Daniel wanted to find his glove & ball and play catch. Colin's trying to teach him basketball too, working on throwing the ball together. Adorable.

05. Dance parties. Enough said.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Beautiful photos. Your boys are just adorable! I just became your 100th follower! Lovely blog. x