480. hello.

Mama: Jumper, hello apparel //Jeans, H&M
Joshua: Hooded jumper, Tesco // Trousers, H&M

Somebunny photo bombed my style pictures. So I took the moment to snap some of us playing, laughing together.

This jumper is SO soft and comfortable. I love it, but was a little miffed that I had to pay extra postage on top of the crazy amount to ship from the US, darn Royal Mail! It's a great not-pyjama comfy option for those lazy days - now all I need is a pair of yoga pants!

We've had a great couple of days, those ones that make you feel like SuperMom y'know? Yesterday I got ALL the housework done while Daniel was at Pre & Joshua slept, then we headed to the park once we'd picked him up. After lunch we drew, sang songs & played kitchens (& holidays?!) and I even put Joshua in his cot for a nap (it only lasted an hour but still!) I snuck some onions and carrots into the boys' mince, and they both wolfed it down, with brown rice & sweetcorn! The best days include maximum fruit & veg consumption! Today I relaxed while Daniel was at Pre, tried (in vain) to get Joshua to nap & watched Vampire Diaries. After school we had lunch (leftover chilli wraps FTW!) & read books while we waited for our play date friends to arrive. We played cars with Joseph & Ethan, Joshua was the grumpiest thing after a single half hour nap but he finally fell asleep after they'd all gone home & Daniel was napping too. We had chips for dinner, burgers-with-everything for me and fish fingers for Daniel (Joshua had sweet potato, potato & peas, followed with Greek yogurt) & now I'm relaxing on the sofa, having put the boys to bed and all the shopping away. I'm just smiling ear to ear & had to write this down for the bad days, so I can look back and remember that sometimes, it's amazing.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Very true. My son who is 9 weeks old has had a cold and has been very grizzly for last few days, so its been hard. But when he smiles my heart just melts.xx

  2. I looove those days!! That jumper is lush x