476. Mama Style. Fashion Friday.


Since becoming a Mama, my style hasn't changed that much. I mean, everyone's style changes over time and I think mine has matured, but overall it's just a little more comfy. Also, since having Joshua and breast feeding again, I have to make sure my clothing choices make it easy to do. Little dresses, are out. Not practical for crawling round the floor or accessible for nursing. Simple v-neck tops, and jumpers now it's colder, are easy to lift. Coloured jeans are a MUST for me, they make a regular jeans and t-shirt mom uniform a little more exciting. I have some in red, mint, navy, wine-red and forest-green. I'm on the hunt for cobalt & coral too! The peek of leopard print makes the outfit, it's the little extra touches. I love scouring Pinterest for new ideas, I like to think I'm quite fashionable & it takes a little extra thought with two kiddos.

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  1. Really diggin' the color of your jeans...that was thee color this season! I totally agree that things have to be simplified and comfyified once you're a mom...but I still wear heels like it's my business and that will never change! lol