475. Currently...


LOVING being home with my boys. I go back to work in five months and I'm going to miss them both like crazy. But that's a long time away, so I won't worry too much for now. Just making the most of every day I have with them, making memories & keeping busy!

WISHING that Joshua just starts falling asleep by himself and/or sleeping through the night because controlled crying is breaking my little Mama heart! & I'm just not ready to give up my sleepy snuggles yet!

CRAVING the cookies we've just baked, sitting in the kitchen. But I may have already had three so I'm trying to resist. & Nando's, I've been craving it for weeks and we're finally going tonight, on a little date night!

MISSING Colin, it feels like we barely spend any time together anymore. He works long hours & I'm so tired in the evenings, so I'm really excited for tonight!

WORRYING that Daniel hasn't gone back to sleep up there, he woke from his nap after just an hour and he laid back down, but I keep hearing noises. He'll be super grumpy if that's all the sleep he gets, so fingers crossed!


Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Your kids are adorable!
    How do you have the will power to not eat a cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven? It's my weakness!!

    Newest follower. Found your blog through the link up!

  2. I always love your pictures! I am so jealous that you have 5 more months at home! I am heading back to work on Monday and I have been crying for a week.

  3. Hello there!
    I found your blog from Randalin's linky. I have been reading your blog and I've been really enjoying your posts!