472. Seven months.


Seven months really snuck up on us, time is moving super fast. Next time I blink I'll be planning his birthday. Crazy, that this wonderful little life has been with us for so long. Joshua's the happiest little boy, the perfect addition to our family and he fits right in. He's so chilled and happy to go with the flow, as long as he's not hungry or tired at least!
Same as last month, the most progression has been with Joshua's movement (babies physical development seriously amazes me, how much they can change and achieve in such a small amount of time!) babyboy is a crawler. I cried, buckets, the night he did it for the first time, Colin was home too which was really special. I just couldn't believe he had reached such a huge milestone already, I was so proud and so sad that my baby was not a newborn anymore. Kiddo is now pulling himself to stand on anything and everything he can find, not quite coasting yet but bouncing constantly, working on those leg muscles! He's sitting steadily too, and last week learnt to go from crawling to sitting and vice versa. No real sounds or 'words' yet, but he roars, blows kisses and blows air. I'm constantly trying to get him to say Mama but he just makes noises that sound like a baby bird back, or blows raspberries. When I sing, especially "Waaahey, waaahey" he raises his clunky little arms in the air & looks around for applause, and he's started waving at everyone too. Cutest.
Breast feeding every 3-4 hours still, going for longer periods than before. Still feeding at least twice a night, often more. Two solid meals a day, lunch and dinner, a mixture of purées and finger foods. I haven't had him weighed in forever, I keep meaning to bust out the scales at my Mum's, but he's fitting perfectly into 6-9 month clothing & we've just had to move up a nappy size. I've put away all his 3-6 month stuff now, begrudgingly, I'm in such denial about him growing despite how much fun each new stage is.
Still napping in the pushchair or on me, and I'd be lying if I said I wanted that to change, I cherish our snuggles so much, but Colin's pretty insistent that he needs to be sleep trained and I guess if it means I get a good night's sleep it might be worth it.
Joshua's favourite toys are his drum, and any other instruments or noise makers, crinkly wrappers and silky labels (Searching Etsy for a cute Taggie blanket as we speak) And, of course, anything his brother is playing with. Daniel is still his favourite person, always watching him and wanting to do what he's doing, much to Daniel's dismay. They do love each other SO much though, it's incredible to watch them together.


Joshua Reg,

I love the way you like to hold my finger while you nurse. I love nursing you, full stop, it's such a special bond we have together.

I love that you have so much energy and determination, even when I am huffing and puffing about moving you away from the TV box for the hundredth time in a minute!

I love how happy you are, as long as you are in my arms at least, everyone comments on your constant smile, and it melts my heart too.

I love how ticklish your feet and ribs are, and the way you giggle as I rub Vicks into them at night.

I love the way you only want Mama when you hurt yourself, and how you follow me round the house while I'm doing housework.

Mama loves you too baby. Lots and lots like Jelly Tots.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Adorable! Look at those beautiful eyes!

  2. Wow, he is gorgeous!! And sounds like he is really advanced at moving! Nate is 6 months and nowhere close to crawling. In fact, he still hates being on his tummy. =/ Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. x