471. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [067]

My creation
My creation
My creation
My creation

001. Snow!
002. Lazy mornings snuggling a sleeping baby. Joshua fell asleep in the sling on the way home from dropping Daniel at pre-school, so I took advantage and sat around, fully layered up & watched The Vampire Diaries. Winning.
003. Leftover lunches. I've just discovered the wonder of this, especially in this cold weather!
004. Pyjama days. I swore I wouldn't leave the house after struggling throw the snow with the pushchair on Wednesday and hurting my back, so Thursday was an official pyjama day! We watched movies & snuggled under blankets, it was awesome.
005. Baby shoes. Seriously, so cute, and he even keeps them on! No more lost socks and cold toes for us!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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