466. Confessions.


I have been for three runs this year. I suuuuck. Now, the snow is getting in the way, but I haven't got off my butt and tried to do anything else instead.

Joshua STILL isn't napping in his cot. Or anywhere except for my arms or the pushchair. & he's waking a million times a night so I really need to start sleep training but I'm too scared.

I'm totally fed up of the snow now. I HATE people that moan about the snow, my Facebook feed is totally full of complaints and updates about the snow & it drives me mad. But it's getting really difficult to get anywhere with a toddler and a baby on slippery ice/pavement/snow.

Daniel MAY have eaten a bit of cake off the floor earlier. Not just the kitchen floor, oh no! The snow/ice/rain/mud covered floor outside pre-school. Oh well, more immunities right?

I didn't do a single thing on my to-do list yesterday, except bake cookies. Instead, I snuggled with my sleeping baby and watched The Vampire Diaries. Mildly obsessed.

I may have eaten about half that batch of cookies. In about 24 hours. They're amazing.

Joshua and I took some outfit photos earlier, & I'm a little nervous to post them.

My nails have been chipped for at least a week now. Luckily it's a light pink so it's barely noticeable but it's pretty bad. Tomorrow.

I took Joshua's 7 month photos today (five days late!), but am already procrastinating editing them!

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  1. I always procrastinate editing. Not that editing itself is hard. Nope. For some reason the hassle of plugging my camera into my computer just wins out every time.
    And, I've been doing nothing but watching Downton Abbey for like 4 days. NOOOOTHING. lol
    Thanks for linking up!
    Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

    1. Swinging by from the Mommy Confessions link-up... I hear you and Megan both on the TV bit (I JUST started watching Downton Abbey on HuluPlus, have LOTS of catching up to do)! It is too stinkin' cold outside, completely ruins my motivation to do ANYTHING! I.NEED.OUT. Spring needs to get here already! ;)

  2. Can you ladies teach me to edit? What program do you use? I generally procrastinate in life... I wait until 30 minutes before hubby gets home and run around like a banshee cleaning up and cooking to make it look like I didn't sit and snuggle the baby all day! HA! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Okay I think I can relate to pretty much everything on this list! And now I want cookies ;-) Snuggling with a sleeping baby and watching TV? I'M JEALOUS! That sounds glorious. Throw in the cookies and you have my version of heaven :-)

    Thank you for linking up with us!