449. What Joshua Eats... Ella's Kitchen Review.


The lovely people from Ella's Kitchen recently sent my boys some yummy breakfasts to try. I was so impressed with their customer service, Iona was incredibly friendly and really showed interest in my boys which made me smile. We received Wakey Wakey Porridge and Round Ones from their latest range. Both went down really well, Daniel said they were "real-real yummy!" & "sooo crunchy"! Although Joshua' face doesn't look terribly impressed he ate the whole bowl! I love the idea of these cereals, that I'm choosing the bedt for my boys and the special pouring spout was great - it will keep them fresher for longer too!

Ella’s Kitchen’s NEW 100% organic breakfast range is the perfect fun and healthy way for tiny tummies to start
the day, made with just simple ingredients and with nothing else added:

· NO added refined sugar or salt
· NO additives or thickeners
· JUST yummy organic breakfast for little ones

To help busy mums and dads, the Wakey wakey range comes in easy to pour, resealable pouches, filling babies bowl with tasty textures and flavours – just add milk!

Wakey Wakey Baby Porridge

Perfect for babies’ first breakfast, Baby Porridge has a super smooth texture and yummy exotic flavours to start little ones on their tiny taste bud journey.
· Wakey Wakey Baby Porridge (RRP £2.19, 125g pouch)
· Wakey Wakey Mango + Apple Baby Porridge (RRP £2.29, 125g pouch)

Wakey Wakey Porridge

Our deeelicious textured (not lumpy!) porridge helps little mouths start to chew. Wakey Wakey Porridge is full of just oats, rice maize + fruit in flavours worth waking up for:
· Wakey Wakey Strawberry, Mango + Banana Porridge (RRP £2.49, 150g pouch)
· Wakey Wakey Banana Porridge (RRP £2.49, 150g pouch)

Wakey Wakey Round Ones

This melt in the mouth cereal is made up of 2 different multigrain Round Ones. They are the perfect size for tiny fingers to hold and squeeze and little teeth to learn to chew. Deeelicious with milk or add yoghurt + fruit for a tasty morning treat. (RRP £2.19 for 46g pouch)

Lots of Love
Momma B

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