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Wishing that the boys' coughs and colds clear up soon. Mine too, actually! I took them to the Dr yesterday but he sent us on our merry way, no infections so wahey for that. It's not bothering either of them too much, but I feel rubbish so I bet they do too. Daniel especially has horribly gunky eyes and he keeps rubbing at them, poor babe. It's waking him up at night too which is crap, as he can't get back to sleep easily and keeps screaming for me. I've just been in to him already, fingers firmly crossed it's the last time!

Thinking about my never-ending to-do list. I'm not letting it bother me too much but I have lists galore on my phone - things to buy in town, blog ideas, rooms to sort etc. I did have a pick up and washed the floors/hoovered today so that's checked off at least, & we can enjoy our weekend as the rest of the things aren't urgent. I think we'll go for a walk to feed the ducks & play in the park!

Cooking spaghetti bolognese and tacos so far this week. I'm finding my way around the kitchen again, after so many family dinners, not that I'm complaining about them but I love it! I'm looking forward to trying a few new recipes next week too! Crock pot mac'n'cheese and sweet potato burgers are on the menu!

Drinking milk, and eating a few cheeky cookies, in bed. Colin's gone out to see a friend and get his hair cut, so I'm lazing in bed catching up with Made in Chelsea. Perfect.

Working out a routine for the boys. I'm starting to look after a friend's little girl a couple of afternoons a week, so I thought it would be useful for Daniel to nap later so he can play with her so I tried that out today. Joshua slept too at the same time, in his pushchair so I actually got some housework done! & then we had some one on one time as Daniel had a 3 hour nap (say what?!) Joshua ate dinner with us too, well he munched on some melon in his mesh feeder (and loved it, he was hilarious to watch!) while we ate, it kept him entertained which was great. Normally I'm eating with one hand while shaking a rattle or balancing him on my lap, not easy. These things won't work everyday but it's nice to know I can change things up a little bit and the world won't implode.


Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Hope you all feel better soon, waking up in the night is no fun for anyone!