446. Six months.


Joshua turned 6 months on the 17th December, but life got a little crazy with Christmas etc and the weather hasn't been great so the lighting was poor, but in the end I decided I'd have to take the pictures anyway because the next thing I know, another month will have passed us by. So they're not the greatest, and a little late, but they are adorable all the same.


Half a year old. Ohmyfreakinggosh. I guess the fun of watching him grow and develop outweighs the yearning in my heart to have a newborn around forever. The most exciting development this month has been his movement, babyboy can officially army crawl, no problem! Not properly crawling, though he has gone backwards, but now he can get about I don't think he'll be in much rush to crawl properly. It's really funny to watch him wriggle about, especially when he's seen something he wants - he's pretty fast! Socks don't last four seconds either in his quest for movement! Joshua's sitting too, not brilliantly but as he prefers to be lying down I'm not surprised! The noise level in our house has definitely increased, Joshua loves to yell and grunt, though there aren't any real sounds yet. His favourite games are peek-a-boo and dropping things on the floor, duh. His favourite things are still Sophie the giraffe, his brother (of course!) and things that make noise! I haven't had Joshua weighed since last month, but he's starting to fill out his 6-9 month clothes a little (my Mum bought him a snowsuit for Christmas and it absolutely drowned him at first!) but mostly in 3-6 month clothes & XS/S nappies. This month we started weaning Joshua onto solids, which has been a fun experience for us all! He's only having lunch at the moment, trying different tastes and textures to start with. Apart from that we're still breast feeding, every three hours ish. I'm trying to keep him on a schedule of sorts, feeding him at 2, then 5, then 8 so he feeds properly before bed. The cheeky monkey is still waking a couple of times a night for a feed, though he's been a little under the weather with a cold & cough (we all have!) so I'm not sure if that's affecting his sleep or whether he's just unable to settle himself. Once he's better I think we'll try sleep training, if my Mama heart can handle it. Still napping on Mama or in the pushchair, I secretly enjoy the snuggles though & we're getting fresh air going for walks! Joshua still naps in between each feed, for anywhere between 20 minutes to 2.5 hours, sometimes not before bed but he does get super cranky if not.


I love the way your face lights up when you see your favourite people (Daniel, Daddy, Grandad and me, obviously!)

I love the faces you pull when eating purées, it's beyond adorable!

I love watching your bond with your brother grow, he's brilliant at cheering you up when you cry, often singing The Wheels on the Bus and dancing crazily!

I love how beautiful and peaceful you look while you sleep, like a little angel.

I love your cheeky little smile, especially when you are doing something you shouldn't!

I love you, little fox, more than words can describe.

Lots of Love
Momma B