434. Ella's Kitchen 'Baby Taste' Menu.

I don't normally share things like this on my blog, but i just found this article so fascinating i just had to. When Daniel started solids, he HATED parsnips. Like, screamed bloody murder whenever I tried to give them to him. Once, I even snuck it in a re pie, I can't even remember what it was, but he screamed again. I remember thinking "How can you even taste that tiny bit of parsnip in there?!?" Thanks to the wonderful people at Ella's Kitchen, now I know.

- Ella’s Kitchen masterminds a new gastronomic experience to let adults taste the same intense flavours babies taste when they try new foods –

The world’s first ‘baby taste’ menu marks the biggest revolution in the British culinary scene since Heston introduced molecular gastronomy. The Big Tastes Menu, created by baby and toddler food experts Ella’s Kitchen, is designed to let adults experience the big flavours tiny tots taste when they try new foods.

Based on academic research revealing that babies have three times as many taste buds as adults, and even additional taste buds in their cheeks1, the Big Tastes Menu includes ‘taste-amplified’ Brussels Sprouts and super-strength strawberries.

The Ella’s Kitchen Big Tastes Menu includes foods recreated as babies might taste them, with a flavour intensity of up to ten times what a seasoned adult palate would normally experience. The big taste sensations make sweet foods even sweeter but exaggerate the bitterness of other foods, such as Brussels Sprouts, helping to explain babies’ extreme reactions of delight or dislike of new foods.

The research shows that there are major physiological differences between the way babies and adults experience food. Whilst babies are born with around 30,000 taste buds in a tiny mouth, many of these are lost with age and the average adult has only 10,000 taste buds which are largely restricted to their tongue.

Chris Lukehurst, Taste Psychologist, comments: “Babies experience a significantly higher volume of taste than the average adult. Evolution has also prompted them to develop an innate preference towards sweet flavours and avoidance of any bitter tastes, helping to explain why babies accept or reject certain new foods. We have worked with Ella’s Kitchen to create the Big Tastes Menu to demonstrate to adults the same intense flavours babies experience when they first try foods, including the deliciousness of Ella’s Kitchen’s foods which are developed with babies’ taste buds in mind.”

Paul Lindley, Ella’s Dad and founder of Ella’s Kitchen, comments: “By creating the Ella’s Kitchen Big Tastes Menu, we are trying to help parents understand what babies really taste and explain why they have such strong reactions to new foods. We are passionate about making sense of tiny tots’ taste buds so that we create the best quality food, just right for tiny taste buds, encouraging little ones to enjoy eating healthy foods from a very young age. Believe me, the taste of a strawberry multiplied by ten, just like a baby experiences, is amazing.“

The menu was developed by specialist chefs at Molecular Bubble to allow adults to experience the combination of big tastes in Ella’s Kitchen baby food in the same way their little ones do. Whilst different techniques were used to create the big tastes featured in the menu, Ella’s Kitchen goes to great lengths to ensure all of their products taste as good as homemade using only top quality organic ingredients with real herbs and spices, such as coconut and ginger, and no added water or refined sugar.

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