446. 13 things for 2013.


01. Start running again. I was really enjoying running, getting the exercise and the fresh air, feeling better about myself. Then it got cold, and dark, and I thought of a million excuses not to - I didn't want Joshua getting cold, I didn't feel great etc. Next year I'm going to run three times a week. I'm going to do the C25k plan again to start, not right from the beginning, and then probably 5 miles each time, then working my way to 10k eventually. My main goal though is to go three times a week.

02. Making healthier choices. Alongside #01, I want to start eating healthily, especially when it comes to snacking. Eating in general is pretty good, it's my sweet tooth that gets me. I might start tracking my calories again, it's important to me that I get enough to ensure my milk supply doesn't suffer but that I'm not just eating empty calories. I've ordered a ton of fruit with our shopping this week, and want to eliminate snacking in the evenings.

03. Take a portrait of my boys once a week, every week. The lovely Jodi at Che and Fidel did this project last year too, and it's wonderful to see the little changes and how they've grown.

04. Continue Joshua's monthly updates. Speaking of pictures, I'm determined to keep up with the monthly pictures & updates. I'm doing pretty well, 6 months in (I have the pictures and notes for the latest I swear!) and really hope to continue.

05. Sleep training. The dreaded sleep training. Over Christmas, without our usual routine, it has become more apparent how much of a pain it is that Joshua will not self-soothe, or actually fall asleep without being fed/in his pram. I'm still putting it off, as he's pretty poorly with a nasty cough and cold, but soon it will have to happen.

06. Try a new recipe a week. I'm stuck in a bit of a meal-planning rut, always the same ones over and over. It is hard, with Daniel being fussy and me being vegetarian (Colin won't eat a meal without meat!) but with Pinterest at my fingertips I have a ton of inspiration. Even just a new side, or cookie, will count though. Sometimes I don't have the time, or the patience, for an elaborate meal!

07. Read with the boys every day. We were always quite good with this, but recently we have been neglecting our(very full!) bookshelf. Both boys love stories,and I want this to continue for years, which will only happen if I encourage it. Even on our busiest days,we an find five minutes to share a book, surely.

08. Teach Daniel the alphabet & numbers. Sure, kiddo can count to fifteen, but the only numbers he actually recognises are 2 & 7! It has just completely slipped my mind, and to be honest I thought he would still be too young for it! I'm hoping to include some fun activities too, stay tuned!

09. Spend more one-on-one time with Colin. My hard-working fiancé isn't home often, so it's important to me that the time we do get together we spend as a family. It's occurred to me recently though that we barely spend any time just the two of us, except in the evenings when we're surrounded by phones, iPads and the TV. It would probably do the boys good to spend some time away from us too, maybe. I'm in denial about that last part. But maybe a date once a month? That sounds feasible! Wonderful, in fact!

10. Plan both boys' birthdays, and Joshua's Christening. I'm terrible at leaving everything to the last minute, & therefore rushing and panicking about things. Not this year. I've started pinning ideas for Daniels' (Toy Story or Pirate theme!) and want to start buying/crafting early so everything is done.

11. Post a Home Tour. We moved into our own house at the beginning of December and although we are mostly organised and unpacked, there' still quite a few tweaks I'd like to make. Instead of just dreaming about it, I want to get it done and be proud of it.

12. Organise our paperwork. And keep it organised. Right now we have at least two boxes, and random piles, of paperwork to sort through. I want to get it done, and stay on top of it (but i don't want to actually do it!) In the past I've organised it, and then thrown all the new stuff on top - not so organised. Not this year! There will be drawers, binders, colour co-ordination, the works!

13. Make memories with my boys. The most important thing to me this year is to make sure my boys are happy. I want them to remember how much fun they had when they're older, and even if they don't remember this particular year I want to start now. Working on my patience, especially with Daniel, is key. Organising activities to keep us all entertained and happy, and away from the TV too! Taking pictures to remember, writing about the little things too. This little blog will be a big part of that, and I'm excited about it.

So, there are my thirteen (very detailed, long-winded, quite unexciting!) resolutions for the new year. I'm hoping posting them will make me more accountable. I'm also hoping to blog about my progress, share photographs and recipes etc. Do you have any resolutions, or hopes, or goals for the new year? Come and share, I'd love to read about them!

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Great list!! Puts my nonexistent one to shame :)

  2. I love reading all the goals and resolutions!! Im off to make a list so i can link up too!!

    1. Me too! I'm so nosy! Thankyou for linkin up! Xxx