444. Christmas crafting, with a toddler.

Daniel and I got stuck into the crafty side of this festive season, choosing to hand-make gifts for some of our favourite people. I love giving (and receiving!) handmade, I think it makes things that little bit more special, when so much effort has gone into it. Daniel loves crafting too, drawing and painting are his favourites! Here are some of our projects!

Salt dough ornaments.


I posted about making these here, but I wanted to show the finished product. Daniel was so proud of these, and loved giving them out to people as gifts.

Potato printing wrapping.


I literally cut a star & tree shape out of a potato and gave Daniel some green paint, alongside some of our brown wrapping paper. I had to help him push it down, as alone the potato was sliding across the paper! Such a great personalised tough when wrapping gifts!

Decorated tote bags.


I bought half a dozen canvas tote bags and some fabric crayons off eBay, weighed the bags down on the table (with our advent calendar!) and let Daniel go to town with the crayons. We gave these bags to my Mum and Nans, they loved them, who doesn't need a shopping bag though! Next time I would try and get sturdier bags, these were really quite thin & flimsy.

We're still unwinding after the Christmas mania, hanging around in pyjamas and eating rubbish. We have a couple more gatherings to look forward too, to celebrate the New Year, with family and friends. Speaking of which, I am hosting a linky with Heather from The Glambulance, like a bucket list for next year. Mine's going to include my resolutions, anything goes! I'd love you to link up too!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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