443. Christmas 2012.


Christmas, this year, was magical. Daniel is at an age where he 'gets it', and it was Joshua's first Christmas. Crazy to think that last year he was just a tiny little squirt in my belly!

Christmas Eve I went out for drinks with some friends, and had a little too much wine. Unfortunately, Christmas morning is therefore a little fuzzy. I had grand plans of being semi-presentable (I.e. partly made-up), us all in Christmas pyjamas to take some beautiful pictures. That didn't quite happen as I wasn't very willing to move, at all. Never again will I drink a bottle of wine on Christmas Eve.

We spent the early morning just as our little family, opening presents and un-packaging toys, until Colin's family came over. They brought croissants & more gifts for the boys, and after a little barney we had a nice little breakfast. We then got our glad rags on & headed over to my parents'. Both boys looked adorable in their Christmas outfits, but I still wasn't up to much except clutch a glass of water and laugh at my cousins' stupidity.

My Mama cooked us all (twelve of us!) a wonderful Christmas dinner, four fantastic courses. I'll never know how she does it, she's like superwoman! She even managed to include eight of our five a day in our main meal - perhaps the vegetables went a little overboard! We had visits from other family members who didn't join us for dinner, but popped in for a drink & to exchange more presents! One of my favourite parts of Christmas is spending hours sitting round the table with my favourite people, drinking, eating, talking and laughing. Daniel wasn't at all interested in opening any presents after opening two giant cars, but after dinner we managed to convince him to open the rest! He was SO spoiled! Joshua got some lovely gifts too, but he doesn't really need/want for very much, so Daniel was the centre of attention!

We went back to my Mum's Boxing Day too, for yet more of the same. The boys had a couple of late nights but were great about it, they've both got coughs and colds too, Joshua especially was a little trouper! Poor babe has barely let me put him down for the last few days, just wanting Mama cuddles to make him feel better, I hope it clears up soon, it's heartbreaking!

Happy Holidays!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Haha, sounds like you had fun in spite of the fuzzies!! Hope your boys are well again soon! Have a great New Year!! :)