437. Salt dough ornaments. Hey, that's Pintastic!


i love you more than carrots

Salt dough ornaments are the easiest, cutest things to make at Christmas. We made some last year too! We're planning on giving them as gifts, though Daniel has put half a dozen on our tree already!

You will need:
One cup of flour
Half a cup of salt
Half a cup of water
Extra flour (I found the dough too sticky to work with so dumped some more flour in, plus some for rolling too!)

A rolling pin
Christmas cookie cutters
Straw, to make the holes to hang them
Paint & glitter, to decorate
Ribbon, to thread through

The method is fairly idiot proof. I let Daniel help me mix, roll & use the cutters, showing him how to puuuush them down & lifting the shapes out carefully (great fine motor skill practice!) I used a straw to poke holes for the ribbon, and stamped the year onto the back. We even did some with Joshua's handprint in, Daniel's is a bit big now! We left ours out to dry overnight, which worked well because they weren't very thick (last year we had to leave them for days!) but you can bake them on a really low oven for a couple of hours too. Daniel had fun decorating them, and is very proud of his artwork!

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. i love these! i was so excited to make the handprint ornaments this year and i can't wait to do more next year! my plan is to have a "kiddie tree" that sits in the kitchen that's covered in their little handmade ornaments! thanks so much for sharing and for linking up! have a great week!

  2. I love your idea of giving them away as gifts! We have a box full of salt dough ornaments that we've collected over the years :)