435. Words.


Finally ordered our Christmas cards on Thursday, using pictures from our family session. I'll post the rest soon!

It's been one of those weeks this week, rushing here there and everywhere, abandoning housework to go out and run errands. We've been Christmas shopping, visiting family, to the library and having friends over on top of all our usual activities! I love the excitement of Christmas but it's pretty tiring too! We've got more crafts and parties to look forward to this week too!

We had a parenting fail tonight, deciding last minute to go out for dinner and resulting in eating our take-away meal in front of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Which, in the end, was perfect but the half hour spent with a wriggling whining baby in one hand and a fork in the other, disrupting everyone around us wasn't fun.

After yesterday's tragedy I still feel lost for words. I've been sneaking extra hugs and kisses from my boys all day, feeling very thankful for what I have right now.

I'm in need of a hot water bottle and an early night tonight, Joshua hasn't been sleeping great and I hurt my back trying to carry too much stuff in from the car.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. That card is amazing! Love the photos and you all look so happy :)

  2. Gorgeous pics!! Looking forward to seeing more!! Hope u get a rest before the rest of the Christmas rush!