432. What Daniel Eats...

I thought it would be fun to share what my toddler eats on the daily. Like most other two-year-olds, Daniel is rather fussy and I often struggle with ideas for meals for him. I love reading blogs that share food pictures, for inspiration, and wondered if y'all would appreciate seeing what we eat too. It's also a way to encourage me to become more creative, if I have to show others too! Without further ado...

"Red sauce pasta" is Daniel's current favourite dinner, and he requests it nightly. I use a hidden-vegetable tomato sauce & make a side of vegetables. Peas are a favourite too - green peas!

Nearly every morning Daniel asks for "Mouse" for breakfast, multigrain hoops from Tesco that have a mouse on the box. I do offer a few different options, but Mouse is his favourite.

Crackers are a saviour round here, on days when we need a quick lunch (i.e. When Joshua wants Mummy cuddles and nothing but Mummy cuddles!), apples, raisins & cucumber.

Beans on toast, another favourite & great for warming up after a walk in this freezing weather!

Crackers, cucumber, rice cakes, a cheese dinosaur (a failed attempt to get Daniel to eat cheese, he even asked for it!) and a special treat of jelly babies!

Ella's Kitchen Wakey Wakey Round Ones (100% organic, NO added refined sugar or salt, NO additives or thickeners, NO GM - full review coming soon!) with blueberries.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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