431. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [063]

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Things that made me happy this week...

01. Starting Joshua on solids. I have a proper post coming about this but HOLY CUTE! Am I the only one that loves pictures of babies eating?!

02. At the beginning of the week both my boys were poorly. I'm blaming teeth, but we had lots of snuggles under blankets and films. I'm thankful they are both back t themselves now though, it wasn't much fun seeing them both so sad!

03. Christmaaaaaaas! I'm like a little kid really, and this year it's even more fun to watch Daniel discover everything as he's old enough to really get it this year! we visited our local Garden Centre, where they had Christmas trees and lights and (fake) reindeer and (plastic) animals! Daniel was fascinated, yelling "Check dis out! Wow! Dis is so cool!" at everything! So adorable! We've decorated our tree, and my Mum's, painted Christmas cards and even written Father Christmas a letter! Daniel asked for a bus, a plate (apparently he doesn't have a plate?!) and a baby present for Joshua - a lion! Isn't he the cutest?!?

04. My Dad and I took the boys swimming this week, Joshua's first real time and he loved it. Chilling in his ring for nearly an hour! Daniel loved it too, and even went in deep with Grandad, round the rapids and into the jacuzzi!

05. That last picture? Tonight we went out for dinner with Colin's family, to a Chinese restaurant. Daniel mastered chopsticks, even eating his prawn crackers with them!

Right now, I'm kicking myself for messing up Joshua's bedtime routine and feeding him at 7pm to keep him happy while we ate. Even though we came home and changed and fed him, it's now nearly 11pm and he still won't sleep properly. I feed him, he falls asleep and then the minute I lie him down in his cot he wakes. I think he's over tired but it's so frustrating. Looks like we'll be co-sleeping tonight!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Middle pic on the 3rd row melts my heart, they look like they love each other so much!x