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Man alive, this week has been stressFUL! Moving, and the start of a sickness/cold has meant this weekend sucked a little. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day & hopefully we all wake up in better moods.

Five things that have made me happy this week...

01. Owning a home! I cannot believe this lovely house is ours! It's still so surreal! It's finally starting to look like a home, though Joshua has been firmly attached to me for the last three days I have managed to get the vast majority of the boxes unpacked! There are, of course, a few more, but I'll crack on with them when Daniel's at pre-school tomorrow!

02. Joshua's learnt a new trick - sitting! He is still a little wobbly but can sit unassisted for a couple of minutes at a time! He's also mobile - army crawling along the floor to get to what he wants. Andplusalso, we're starting solids this week. Hold me.

03. Our families have been fantastic during this whole moving process, from driving the van to huffing boxes to putting up (and making!) the curtains to looking after the boys so we can get things sorted, we really couldn't have done it without them and we are so lucky to have them around!

04. Little treats, like hot bubble baths, red wine, and chocolate cookies to help relieve the stress - teehee!

05. Right now I'm under a blanket (I'm always cold at the moment!) with a hot chocolate & listening Michael Bublé Christmas songs. We haven't had the chance to get the tree up this weekend - next week though for sure! I'm SO festive this year!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Me and my classmates have just been sat cooing over how adorable the boys are! Lucky mumma, hope the move is going well xxx