424. Hobbies. Toddle Along Tuesday.

Like Melissa, I used to start to panic a little when I (for whatever reason) had to tell somebody my "hobbies" or "what I like to do" because I didn't really consider the things I liked to do (hanging out with friends, shopping etc) hobbies! Now I'm a little older, and have two children, my free time is like gold-dust, so I try to use it well!

My genuine favourite thing is to hang out with my boys! I don't need that "alone me time" most Mum's do, I miss them too much! Crazy huh? And if Colin's not working, we hang out as a family, going for breakfast or a walk to feed the ducks or something! Often when Daniel naps during the day I nurse Joshua to sleep and we snuggle, I'll have the TV on in the background - I love a bit of staged reality television, like Made In Chelsea and TOWIE, or Teen Mom/16 and pregnant/anything about babies or children!

When the boys are sleeping, I like to blog. Every night, and often during their naps, I can either be found writing a blog post, editing pictures, or reading other blogs. I love taking a sneaky peek into other people's lives, looking for inspiration and typing up our memories to be remembered forever!

The one thing I do take time for myself, is running. I started the C25k plan after I had Joshua, after never running at all, and I love it! I do tend to get a little bored after a while, but I enjoy spending half an hour outside, in the fresh air, zoning out to the music. It makes me feel pretty great about myself too!

I also enjoy art, especially painting, but can't seem to find the time and hence haven't practiced for years. I do however like to paint wooden letters, as gifts for friends and their babies! I would like to consider myself crafty, in that I like making things, but I can't sew or knit, I don't own a glue-gun or heaps of fabric! So the things I make have to be fairly easy! Especially as I often have a two-year old in tow! I like baking too, cakes and cookies are our favourite (though I am yet to find my perfect cookie recipe, and suggestions would be very welcome!)

I keep thinking of other things, but I very rarely actually do them, so I'll leave it al that! Andplusalso, it's 2:30am and Joshua's gone back down to sleep so I'm going to do the same! Fingers crossed he doesn't get his arm caught in his crib bars again!!

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. I wish I felt that way right now about hanging out with my daughters - I feel awful for admitting it, but so far hanging out with them is NOT my favourite thing to do! I'm holding out hope that when they're old enough to enjoy some of the things I like to do I WILL love to hang out with them. I've always loved kids, but I find this toddler stage a bit overwhelming...

  2. Hi Beth! Great post and I agree... my hobby is now my son. Who, by the way, was born just after your Daniel! I might have to google that C25K thing.. I've run for years but haven't ever really done a 'program'. Might have to try something new!

  3. I HATE when people ask me what my hobbies are. And honestly, I feel a bit dorky telling strangers that I'm a "blogger", like they'll look at me and be like, "Uhm...why?!" haha
    So lame!
    And I am also starting with C25K, but it's not going as smoothly for me....*cough...side eye....*
    Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com