423. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [061]

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Five things that made me happy this week...

01. A wonderful Sunday - breakfast out with my favourite boys (pancakes!!), a visit to my Nana's, and then to Colin's parents' for dinner! Food and family is the way to my heart!

02. My little sleeping beauty. I can't stop taking pictures of Joshua sleeping!!

03. Seeing Colin's family today at a lunch for his Grandad's 80th birthday. It was really nice to see his lovely cousins, they met Joshua for the first time and absolutely doted on him!

04. Made in Chelsea! I'm so obsessed, it's so terrible and amazing at the same time!!

05. The thought that this time next week we'll be in our new house and I won't ever have to pack again! I must have packed 20+ boxes now, we have run out of them and the packing tape (Okay Mum, you told me so!) and I feel like I've barely made a dent! My house is a state too because every spare moment has been spent packing! Tomorrow morning, while Daniel's at Pre, I'll be going on a serious tidying/packing spree!

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Gorgeous boys - do I spy a Christmas pudding hat? If I do, where do I get one?! Rex definitely needs one :) Good luck with the packing & the house move, how exciting!x
    p.s. I've started a mummy blog, would be lovely if you wanted to join me over there it's a bit lonely at the minute!! http://imalsoamum.blogspot.co.uk xx