418. Five months.





Five months - I'm currently drowning my sorrows in Lindt's dark chocolate with orange & almonds. It's helping a little. A friend came over today and commented that it only feels like a little while ago that Daniel was that small, which is so true and so scary.

My littlest is just wonderful. He's growing perfectly - I had him weighed last week and he was 15lb 2oz, which I believe is just under the 50th percentile still. I do think he's quite long though, his 0-6m sleeping bag seems a little short already! Fitting perfectly into 3-6m clothes, even some 0-3 trousers, and I'm considering getting out the M nappies as the XS are getting quite snug (especially with a night-time booster!) We're still exclusively breast feeding, still every 3-4 hours, though we're thinking about starting some baby rice this week. I was hoping to get my frozen milk supply up first but I haven't been great at finding time to pump! Joshua's been waking more often for the past couple of nights - the night before last nearly every hour! I'm not sure whether he's hungry or cold or in pain from his teeth, but I do feed him back to sleep (I keep contemplating getting him a dummy/pacifier because he often just sucks to get to sleep, but I really hate them & for now I don't mind him using me!) I let him feed for longer tonight before putting him down, so fingers crossed he sleeps a little better, I'm quite the zombie now! He takes naps in between each feed during the day, we're not on a schedule for them at all, he just falls asleep as and when. Still prefers to be rocked/pushed/fed to sleep, perhaps when he's 6 months I'll try with the sleep training - it worked wonders with Daniel! When he's awake he likes to be watching his brother, preferably stood upright (mental note, get Colin to get the door bouncer from the loft!) or lying on his stomach. We officially have a mover too, not quite crawling but almost army crawling or rolling to get to what he wants! Taking these pictures was a nightmare because he just kept wriggling over to me and trying to eat the camera! He has been getting his knees right up underneath him for a couple if weeks so I don't think it'll be long! I've been trying to get him to practice sitting but he's not interested, he just wants to stand! Baby loves reading books, especially those with funny noises & he squeals with delight. Watching Daniel 'read' to him is one of the sweetest things in the world! His favourite things right now are Sophie the Giraffe, cars, a monkey rattle, and the cat. Teeth have become slightly more of a pain the last week or so, dribbling enough to fill a swimming pool and constantly shoving anything and everything in his mouth - fingers are a firm fave!





I love the way you roll right over when I lie you in your cot, and lift your arms over your head. It's just adorable.

I love the way you smile at everyone we meet, you're just the happiest baby!

I love the way your eyes open wide and your forehead wrinkles when you see something that interests you.

I love that your hair's getting thicker and darker, that you might be looking a little like Mama!

I love the way you giggle, peek-a-boo and funny noises are sure to get a little squeak!

I love you Joshua-boo, lots and lots like jelly tots.





Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. What a cutie. And they do grow much too fast. I can't quite figure out how I'm spending my third Thanksgiving with my tiny man this year. Not so tiny anymore, I guess!

  2. Eating the camera is great fun! He has som pretty eyes mama. Happy 5 months.

  3. If he's 5 months old ... that means G is just right around the corner. NO. Make it stop.