417. Leaves and rubbish trucks #boymom

On the way to pre-school this morning, we were rushing (as always, a little late) through a blanket of beautiful coloured leaves. I thought for a second, I've been wanting to take some pictures in a setting like this, and I was running out of time. So on the way home, I wore Joshua so Daniel couldn't just jump on the buggy board and ignore his surroundings, and we took a leisurely stroll home. Even though it was cold, and normally we would have gone straight back for lunch, we wandered and soaked up the moment, the beautiful colours. We're forever rushing, getting ready to go out, getting to where we need to go, rushing home, rushing lunch, to get the boys to sleep, I felt i was missing out on him. When we came up son the leaves Daniel exclaimed "Wow! What pretty leaves!" And selected a few to take home with us, including the hugest leaf I have ever seen! I encouraged him to play in the leaves, kicking them and throwing them (which he wasn't interested in doing, unsurprisingly. He's a little prissy when it comes to getting his hands dirty!) We played for a while, until Daniel heard the rubbish truck! We then spent a good 10-15 minutes following it around, watching the men load the bins into the back, then put them back by their houses. Daniel was awestruck, especially when the men waved at him when they left! He told everyone about it, which made me especially glad we hadn't rushed home again this time, because he had had fun in that extra half hour, and I did too!











Joshua wasn't as excited as we were, I thought wearing him would keep him warmer but the wind was blowing in his little face. He was a good sport though!


Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Such a lovely post - I'm totally with you, I spend my life rushing the boys, to get dressed, eat, get shoes on, get our the door. Sounds like a lovely half hour and I'm glad my boy isn't the only one impressed by bin men!! Would love some tips on the ring sling if you fancied sharing, I just cannot get to grips with ours however many youtube videos I watch!x