411. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [059]

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Things that made us sad this week.

01. Daniel's got a horrible hacking cough & it's awful to see him suffer! We're off to the Dr tomorrow, hopefully she can do something to help my poor baby.

02. Joshua's suffering too - he's teething & has a horrible rash on his bottom, nothing I put on it seems to help! Open to suggestions!

Things that made me happy this week.

01. Extra snugs with my poorly boys! The one upside to being sick I guess.

02. Joshua's reindeer coat! & ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS!!

03. Our families have been awesome, helping out this week. Colin's been home this weekend too! Granted we would much rather have spent our family time going out for breakfast, feeding ducks and playing at parks, but snuggling on the sofa & watching films isn't all bad!

04. This.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Lovely photos! I might just pull my finger out next week and join in! Egg whites are supposed to be great to clear nappy rash, Metanium is good too. Finn had a really bad nappy rash once that wouldn't clear and it turned out to be thrush x

    1. Do it!! :) I'd tried Metanium (and sudocrem, and bepanthen, the list goes on!) but the HV suggested to try again and really rub it in, it's working a little but the rash is still there! I think I'll take him to the Dr this week.