410. Teething "essentials"

Poor Joshua started teething just as he turned four months. I'd forgotten how heart wrenching it is to watch your baby in pain. He often seems worse in the afternoon, and suffers with a runny nose, sore gums and a LOT of drool. Here are our essentials for this teething stage.

My creation

Linkies are our best friend right now. Daniel loves them too! They're great for attaching to the car seat/pushchair/Joshua's arm so they're always in reach, they're easy for Joshua to grab and get into his mouth by himself, and the patterns and ridges are great for his poor gums. We have these original Linkies, but we also have a couple of sets from Poundland too!!

This time around, I've loved Ashton & Parsons Infants' Powders. They never seemed to help Daniel, after searching high and low for them, but they help settle Joshua. I'm not a great fan of dosing the kids up with Calpol unless they really need it, so these herbal powders are a great alternative!

Calpol is a must, even for over-cautious Mama's like me, just in case!

Sophie the Giraffe is our new best friend! I'd heard all the hype about this adorable little giraffe when Daniel was little(-er) but never invested until now. Man, am I glad I did! As well as being cute, Joshua loves to gnaw on Sophie, especially her knobbly horns and ears. He can often manipulate her into his mouth himself, especially if he's on the floor, and she makes a squeaky noise that makes him laugh too. This is another toy Daniel likes as well, and the cause of a few tantrums!

Again, I didn't have one for Daniel but I just purchased an Amber teething bracelet/anklet for Joshua after hearing rave reviews. I use his as an anklet, and though he does rub his feet together and it often falls off, Daniel's pretty quick to spot it! I can't guarantee it really works and it definitely doesn't totally rid Joshua of his pains, but when I take it off to bath him he dribbles aspen awful lot more!!

Closer To Nature Stage 1 Teether is one of the things we did have for Daniel. I loved this because it was small enough to fit in little mouths & easy for them to keep in themselves, great for us as I don't have to hold it in the whole time! I also found this was great for putting teething gel on, especially as they get older and teeth start coming through (putting fingers in the mouth of a teething child can be dangerous!!), and getting it in the right place!

This is my last drafted 'essentials' post, is there anything else you'd like to see?

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Thank you for this post! My poor girl is getting her fifth and sixth teeth. No fun!

    1. Oh bless her cottons! Not at all, I hope they come quickly for you both!