404. Potty training "essentials"

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I'm not sure how much detail I've gone into about potty training on here, so I thought I'd share everything in one post. I'm by no means a potty-training expert, in fact I was avoiding it for as long as possible! This is just what worked for us.

My number one piece of advice, however, is to wait until your child is ready. I don't understand how it is even possible to train a child who isn't ready, we tried a few weeks ago and Daniel kept having accidents one after the other, so we waited. One night, I changed Daniel's nappy about 15 minutes before a bath, so didn't want to waste another nappy & left him pants-less. Suddenly he came running over, telling me he needed a nappy on! It clicked that he needed to go to the toilet, so I bribed him with a 'special treat' to sit on the big boy toilet, and he went! He did the same thing for about four nights in a row, so I knew he was ready. We had a busy few days, so whenever we were home I took his nappy off and offered a reward of stickers for using the toilet. We then progressed to wearing pants, then trousers, then leaving the house! Kid has a ridiculously strong bladder, and is actually scared of hand dryers so public toilets (including at pre-school!) are avoided like the plague haha! If we're out for a long time I do encourage him to go, or before we go in the car or something. I'm sure he'll grow out of it, so I'm not too worried. Potty training Daniel has been surprisingly easy, of course not without accidents, but I am so proud of my little nugget! We didn't need a lot of 'stuff' for this adventure really, but what we did were definitely 'essentials'.

'Big boy pants' were part of our potty training arsenal. We did try pull-ups for a day, but Daniel just treated them as a nappy so we went straight for underwear. After a couple of days (of washing everyday!) we went out & Daniel got to choose his own, which he was pretty excited about!

A cute cushioned toilet seat and step stool were great investments. This gives Daniel some independence because he doesn't need me to help him go, he can do it all by himself, which is great while I'm busy with Joshua or housework.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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