398. 0-3 month baby essentials.

I thought I'd start a little series on this here blog, 'essentials' for each little stage of baby and toddlerhood. It's so overwhelming to make a list of things you need for a newborn baby, but these are my must-have newborn items!

My creationa

Aiden and Anais swaddling blankets and muslins. Perfect for swaddling (obviously) even in the hot weather, feeding and a zillion other purposes! I wasn't sure they'd be worth the money but I absolutely love them!

Breast pads, particularly Johnsons Nursing Pads are a must have for breast feeding mothers. I think these are the best because they have a contour shape and 'Unique nipple indentation' which makes them way more comfortable!

My Ring sling from eBay I LOVE this sling. I must use it every single day. I bought another carrier but have only used it once (because my sling was in the wash!) and it didn't feel as comfortable or secure as my sling. It's so great when I need my hands but Joshua wants a cuddle, if I need to cook or clean! When we go into town, I often put Daniel in the pushchair (so he can't escape!) and have J in the sling. Joshua loves being so close to me, and I love having him snuggled up to me!

Our bouncer has been a lifesaver. This isn't our exact one, but it's Daniel's old one so I don't think it's sold anymore. It's a safe place for me to put Joshua, while I cook or eat & he can still watch me. Ours has run out of batteries but so far just bouncing him with my foot keeps him happy for the most part!

A moses basket has been great for us, though Joshua has outgrown his now. I loved the fact it was portable, so I could bring him up and downstairs with me and I could always have him close. It also fit into our bedroom (his cot doesn't) which was a major plus.

Sleeping bags have been great for my little wriggly man. He will kick off any blanket or swaddle, so these are perfect. He's already outgrowing his 0-6 month one(!!) so I'm looking into another but all the togs and different brands are confusing me!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. We love our sleeping bag, our 8 month old is almost out of his 12 month sack, so will be looking for a new one for him as well! We did a moses basket too, and we used it way more than I ever thought we would.