397. Four months.




My baby is four months old. Four months. This is crazy talk.

Joshua Reg is quite possibly the sweetest, smiliest baby ever. i'm so so lucky to have two fantastic boys. Unless he's hungry or tired, he's constantly grinning and babbling away. He loves having conversations where i babble back to him, and the strangest things (like me nodding my head, and singing at the top of my lungs) make him giggle! He has been rolling from his back to his front like it's his job, since the 29th September. Baby doesn't like to be on his back for long, he much prefers being on his stomach watching what's going on. He likes being held standing up, facing forward too so he can see everything, otherwise we whines! Watching his brother is his favourite thing, you can just tell he's itching to join in, and reaches out. He's getting good at grabbing things put in front of him, and trying to get them into his mouth. Poor boy's teething, so he's a dribble-fest and always chewing on something. I weighed him at 14 lb 3 oz, just under the 50th percentile, which is great! He's fitting into 3-6 month clothes (who on earth decides the sizes for 0-3 months, he still doesn't fit into half of it!!) and size 3 (or Small) nappies, he was upgraded on holiday because we couldn't get any 1's or 2's, but they fit him fine! I've run out of disposables, so I'm strictly using reusable a at the moment which is going surprisingly well! I guess I'm just being less lazy with my washing! We moved Joshua into his own room this month (sniff!) because he had outgrown the Moses basket. He's been doing great, though he seems to be waking up more often, maybe because he's cold, I'm not sure. Once a night though I can totally handle! I have snuck him into bed with us a couple of times early in the morning, which is just bliss, to fall asleep snuggling him. I was always a little scared to co-sleep, in case I rolled onto him or something, but I prop us both up with pillows and feel much safer! We're still working on naps, kiddo isn't great at putting himself to sleep and prefers to be pushed in his pram or fed to sleep. Bad habits but it's working for us so far, especially as we're often out and about! We're still exclusively breast feeding, not weaning at all for the time being, we're just not ready. Feeding every 3-4 hours usually, and once at night.




Joshua Reg,

I love the way you giggle and wriggle when I tickle your toes, or blow raspberries on your stomach.

I love the way your eyes are turning blue, just like your big brother and your Daddy.

I love your chubby thigh rolls, two and counting, I could squeeze them all day - and it makes you giggle!

I love the way you hold my finger while you nurse, your tiny hands in mine make me want to freeze time so you're this little forever.

I love the way you idolise your brother, even now. I hope you two have a great bond as you get older!

I love you squirt, more than I ever could have imagined.



Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Beautiful boy & beautiful words - it's scary just how quickly they grow isn't it, but wonderful too. Would love some recomendations on reusable nappies if you've got any thoughts - I'm planning to try once we're out of size 1s!x

  2. OMG that's gone fast!! He looks just gorgeous!! I felt the same when we moved Lachy into his own room at 4 months, but after a week or so he was sleeping better than ever!!

  3. Ohhh he is really chunking up now and looks so much like Daniel. I can't beleive its been 4 months already!

  4. Such a lovely post. I love his nappy and his gorgeous grin :)