394. 2.5 years.

Two and a half years. It feels like he was just being placed in my arms for the first time a few weeks ago. But my baby is all grown up now, his personality is incredible, his language has exploded these last few months, and he's starting to behave like a real little teenager. I mean, toddler. We spent his half birthday cooped up inside, potty training, poor babe! I did offer to make a cake, but he wasn't interested, so it passed us by like any other day. We played cars, trains, drawing, had a visit from his Grandparents, he got a ton of stickers (bribes!) and mostly my undivided attention. So probably a perfect day for him! I've been keeping a list of notes on my phone of everything now he's 2 and a half, so here goes.


Stats. I weighed Daniel on Friday and the scales said 30lb 8oz, which is just under the 50th percentile. That's not surprising at all considering he's quite slight, back in 18-24 month trousers now there's so giant nappy to hold them up! Tops are a mixture of 18-24 months and 2-3 years, and when he does wear nappies (at nap times and at night) he is in a 4 (or XL).


Kiddo's language has exploded these last few months, he never stops talking! He went from saying a few words, to saying a lot of words, to speaking in full sentences in fairly quick succession! I would say I understand about 95%of what he says, and other people can understand quite a lot too. He copies what he hears other people saying, hours r even days later, and it's adorable. If I put a jumper on, he tells me "That yooks boot-boot Mummy" (beautiful) or if I suggest something, like tucking his chair in closer to the table, he says "Dat's a good idea Mummy!" He makes me smile so so much. He also thinks people "tow" their dogs, "Yike Mater!" He's recently started singing songs, he used to join in with the odd words but now he can sing them by heart. His favourites are Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Ducks, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Zoom zoom zoom, and Flo Rida Whistle (when it comes on the radio he exclaims "It's my favourite Mummy! Whistle!!")


My big boy started pre-school, and even though we had a tough start he's doing incredibly well now! No tears, and I absolutely love hearing about his morning, especially when he tells me "I miss you BIG one Mummy!" We started a Tumble Tots class too, which he adores! He has a little trouble listening to instructions, but it is over nap time and he is just over eager to try everything. He's getting very good at waiting his turn, and joins in with all the songs and actions (which he doesn't at Toddlers, possibly because there's a lot more children there?!) His physical skills are pretty awesome, he can do all the activities first try without a problem, his favourites are the roly-polys and bouncing on the trampoline!


When I had Daniel, I was adamant he wouldn't watch TV until he was at least five. Well, it's funny how things change. Daniel absolutely loves watching TV. I try to limit his viewing, but I love snuggling up in bed in the mornings, or on the sofa with him, it's a rare moment he sits still for so long to cuddle! He's gone off his Peppa Pig obsession, his favourites now include Raa Raa the Lion, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Bob the Builder. Far more grown up! He likes watching films as well, we even went to see The Lorax at the cinema and he was as good as gold! I introduced him to The Lion King this morning, he loved it but got upset when Mufasa dies, asking "Where's da special King yion gone?!"


His favourite games to play are Hide and Seek (he'll hide forever, and is getting much better about shouting to tell you where he is!), Bouncing on the Bed, Going Shopping, and Chase. His favourite toys are his cars, diggers and trains, without a doubt, he likes to line them all up along the floor! Musical instruments and puzzles are also winners, and anything creative. He loves reading books, we each have to have one and I'll often find him sitting next to his bookshelf 'reading' himself a book, he says the words he can remember and talks about what is in the pictures. He even reads to Joshua sometimes!


He is the best big brother. Ever could have asked for. So willing to help, fetching nappies and muslins, looking after Joshua if I have to leave the room. He even wipes him down if he's been sick, and passes him toys if he's sad! He never shows signs of jealousy, but can get annoyed if he wants me to do something and I can't because I'm feeding J, but understandably it's quite frustrating. He loves his little brother with all his heart, and it is so so sweet to watch them interact!


Daniel Kyle,

I love you so so much, you make me an incredibly proud Mama & watching you grow makes me happier than anything. Don't ever change babyboy.

Just had to share this picture of Joshua, in his adorable bear suit!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Adorable!!! Love his jacket!

    I have a 2.5 year old too {girl}. Isn't it amazing how their language develops?!

    I took the kids to see Madagascar in Theatre... I was amazed that she sat for the entire movie! 6 months ago, she probably wouldn't have :)