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What with the weather and potty training we've had a quiet week with lots of time inside. i'm hoping to change that this week, to go on a few nature walks & visit some new parks. All wrapped up warm of course!

Daniel is doing absolutely amazingly at potty training! I'm still a little nervous about leaving the house but we went to Legoland yesterday & only had one accident, woohoo! It's the whole 'getting him to a toilet quickly, with baby/pushchair in tow' that I think I'll struggle with! We're going to buy some new big boy pants tomorrow, I think he may get a special treat too for doing so well!!

My wonderful Daddy ran another10k today for the charity SANDS. In 1 hr 1 minute, no less! How awesome?!

Heroes is getting SO weird, really dark & slightly scarier, but I just can't stop watching!! We keep staying up way too late, no wonder so feel so tired! Joshua and I are watching Teen Mom while Daniel naps too, he loves watching the babies! It makes me cry nearly every episode though! Speaking of TV, I just can't get into the X-Factor this year, and having my Facebook and Twitter clogged up with people moaning about it is driving me nuts!

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