387. Travelling with a toddler 101.

Travelling with a toddler was the most frightening part of this trip for me. I knew Joshua would probably just feed and sleep (which he did!) so that wasn't an issue. Daniel's very well behaved, for the most part, but doesn't do very well with sitting still for long periods of time, so two and a half hours on a plane (plus the wait at the airport!) sounded like hell. I spent hours browsing Google and Pinterest for ideas to keep him entertained, and this is what I came up with.


A little blanket, in case it was cold or he wanted to smuggle up and have a sleep (our flight home was late, & after a lot of fidgeting and procrastinating he did eventually fall asleep curled up in the seat!)

A small colouring book and triangular pencils, so they had less chance of rolling away! This was great, and kept Daniel and I amused for quite a while!

Snacks! We took Cheerios, rice cakes, cheese puffs and raisins. These not only kept him entertained, they also helped with his ears on the way down as he was swallowing. Also, little lollipops, to suck on (though Daniel just licked his, that meant it lasted longer!

A little packet of wipes, for sticky fingers, easily accessible.

New little cars, Daniel's obsessed with cars at the moment and loved driving these over his tray and legs! I got these from Poundland, bargain!

A Peppa Pig magazine and some new books. We didn't even get these out of the bag because everything else kept him amused for long enough, but I still packed some for our return journey because Daniel loves to read!

A little pack of watercolour paints, which again, didn't even make it out of the bag but I though was a great idea!

A fruit pouch, Daniel loves these and they're so easy for on-the-go.

We also had nappies & wipes etc in Colin's bag, but the toilet & baby change on the plane was so small, I would recommend changing at the airports. We took a change of clothes in case of any accidents, and lo and behold Daniel spilt his orange juice on the way home!

We had food at the airport both ways, the check-ins were surprisingly quick (especially at London City!) & Daniel had fun climbing on the chairs and watching the planes take off out the window. Overall, both trips weren't as painful as I thought they would be, both boys surprised me by being good as gold (they always do!) & taking plenty of activities definitely helped!

I thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures, of Colin, Daniel and Grandad playing in the pool. I call these "3 generations of Sawfords & a water gun" & I'm definitely thinking of having one framed, which one gets your vote?




Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. I love the middle pic, doesn't Daniel look like his daddy!! Glad you had such a lovely time. I panicked so much last year when we flew with Guy at 18 months but it was absolutely fine :) funny the things us mums spend time worrying about!x