376. Fall Style 01.

Fall 03

Fall 03 by bethxlove featuring a parka jacket

I've been looking everywhere for the perfect parka coat, something waterproof and warm for these cold days that are drawing in, and relatively inexpensice (I have way too many coats!) The skinny jeans and striped t-shirt are wardrobe staples for me, it's totally my Mom Uniform! I'm totally lusting after a pair of tan pumps - they go with anything & look like they might even keep my feet dry!

The lovely Deanna over at Delirious Rhapsody had the great idea of a Fall Fashion Week, and I was so excited to join in and take actual outfit photos, until I realised we would be away this week! I'd hoped it would be cool enough here last week to model a few cardigans but unfortunately (what am I saying?!) it was quite warm and we were totally jam-packed! Polyvore collages were the next best thing!

delirious rhapsody

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. i love this entire outfit. it's definitely something i would wear!

  2. Oooh! I really like this outfit! Tres chic!

  3. Super cute. I'm really into stripes this season!

  4. I am loving the stripes! I so want to make a navy and white striped quilt. I love how fashion and clothing inspires me in that realm... :-)

  5. I'm addicted to striped shirts right now. The parka looks comfy, though I am living in the climate to pull something like that off!