371. Three months old.





Three months. I won't play the same old record, but woah. Truthfully, I wonder what on earth we did before he was here! & can't imagine life without him now. My little nugget weighed 12lb 2oz at clinic two weeks ago, I don't think we'll be going too often because it took us nearly two hours & it clashes with toddlers. Still in mostly newborn clothes, 0-3 month sleepsuits & vests, but everything else is too long in the legs or wide round the middle. I did get out the 'small' 5kg+ nappies though, & using a mixture of them both. No real pattern to his feeding, just totally on demand, around 2 hours total for the day (seriously loving my breast feeding app!!) but no 'every two/three hours' which is actually fine with us. I'm starting to figure out the difference in his cries, and can sometimes tell what's wrong straight away. Kiddo's not a big crier, unless he's hungry or in his pushchair or car seat not moving (or when I'm putting the washing out!), then he really let's rip. Cooing and chatting all the time, especially to the duck on his bouncer or my phone case, his little noises are adorable and I must have 8472( videos of hm on my phone. Joshua loves to watch his brother play, and gets upset if he can't see what's going on, nosy inquisitive. He's starting to grab for toys a little, though often seems shocked by what he's done if he does get it, and drops it straight away! Sleeping pretty well, I've been putting him down in his Moses basket after his bedtime feed (around 8:30) and he's been falling asleep by himself and staying asleep until between 6-7. Perfect. During the day is another story, today for example he didn't sleep all day unless I was feeding him (& maybe 20 mins while I was running) until he crashed out at 7pm, just as I was about to get them ready for a bath! Other days he'll sleep for longer stretches, but often in the pushchair or the sofa. He's basically the happiest baby ever, as long as his milk's on tap & he's in on the action!





Joshua Reg,

I love the giant smiles you save for Daddy, I might be a little jealous but I just love watching your face light up when you see him!

I love your little chubby cheeks, especially when they're warm from nursing & I could just kiss them forever!

I love our daily cuddles, while Daniel's napping I feed you & watch you sleep in my arms. I could totally be doing something productive but I'm determined to soak in as much of you as possible while you're so small!

I love the gasps you make, trying to giggle when I talk to you and pull faces. Even when you're upset, you can't help but smile when I do!

I love you, sweet boy, so so much.



Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Wow he's growing up so fast! Your photo's look perfect, makes me want to use my camera more and step away from the iPhone!x

  2. So sweet mama~ love all the pics, that last one is soooo sweet!