366. "Yike Daddy" Small Style.

For Daniel's second birthday, I bought him a balance bike. I'd seen them around & thought they were so clever, and I liked the idea of him riding alongside the pushchair, going on walks together. Until recently, he preferred being pushed on it, but after some practice around and just outside the house, he absolutely flies now.

He zooms down this little slope, giving me a mini heart attack every time, but he thinks it's so funny & is so proud of himself. He even fell off a couple of times, and was so so brave.


Getting Daniel dressed yesterday, everything I put on him was "yike Daddy!" Trousers, jacket, shoes. It's a sure fire way to get him to wear pretty much anything (if it was up to him he would wear his pyjamas, or a character t-shirt everyday! I try and give him some independence by letting him choose his own shoes/socks but honestly, everything else has to coordinate and match!) and hearing him tell everyone "My shoes yike Daddy's!" is just adorbz.


His outfit is entirely H&M, no surprise there as it's my favourite shop (I may have just placed a cheeky order - necessities like boots for Daniel, nursing bras and workout clothes!!) except his shoes which are Converse. I recently noticed all Daniel's trousers were getting a little short, so I took full advantage of a £5 off selected denim and got him maybe four new pairs!? Trouble is, they're all way too long and have to be rolled up a few times, my little titch!

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  1. There is nothing cuter than a little guy in little converse! So sweet.
    Visiting from Small Style.

  2. So cute!! And those balance bikes are cool, I wish I had known about them when my boys were young--I'm sure it would have made learning to ride much easier. I may just have to look into one for Lorelai!

  3. He looks so handsome. I love the whole look. I wish that H&M shipped to me- that would be so much easier than dragging the kids in. Glad to see he likes his balance bike too- we have considered getting one for our little guys.
    I'd love for you to link up to WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party this week at ONE little MOMMA!


  4. SO cute! I love his little H&M outfit (I love H&M so much, too) and his bike skills! I'm impressed!