365. Exploring Water Beads [SBL]

After seeing these little beads all over blogs & Pinterest, I decided to order some from eBay. They were dead cheap, I think I paid about 99p for them, perfect for an afternoon's fun! I soaked the tiny little beads in water for 6 hours (in hindsight that was probably a little too long as the beads broke up very easily!) and it was pretty cool to watch them grow! I put the beads in Daniel's water tray along with some cups and spoons, and basically let him go to town! I had a couple of friends come over too and they were just as taken with this sensory activity as we were! Running your hands through them was quite therapeutic! Daniel enjoyed putting the beads into the cups and pouring them out again, and trying to use the spoons to move them around. To add to the sensory experience we then put the beads into his paddling pool, and he had a great time exploring them with his toes (as he always does!) The beads, and the water, entertained us all for most of the afternoon, and I have since bought some more, in different colours, to explore again! This little beads are biodegradable, and I believe can even be kept in an airtight container for future use! Definitely worth the 99p!!









Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. What?? I've never seen these!! Our 2 year old would love these. My only regret is that I didn't know about these sooner. Thanks for sharing!!