361. Currently...


Disliking: How short my patience with Daniel was this morning. It wasn't his fault Joshua was crying & he was pedalling his trike backwards, or that my back hurt sitting down with Joshua in the sling & he had done the most horrific poop right before we had to leave the house! I think I'll try and set his easel up outside & do some painting to make up for being a grump!

Drinking: Diet Coke. & lots of water, I'm aiming for 5 glasses a day and building up!

Learning: How to balance two children & a house & a vague social life. I think this learning will be constant for the next few years, at least!

Loving: My wonderful fiancé, who works so hard to support us and is using his inheritance to buy us a house. This is BIG you guys! As if an engagement & two children isn't enough, this really seals the deal of forever and ever!

Managing: To resist the temptation of the peanut M&M's an arms reach away (even though I've already had a couple of handfuls, tsk!)



I'm currently snuggling a sleeping babe, a daily ritual while Daniel sleeps too. Listening to music & reading blogs, perfection.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. The last picture is so sweet. I can't stop staring!!

    I'm also working on increasing my water intake and decreasing my snacks (although peanut M&Ms sound awfully good....)

  2. I totally know that crummy feeling you get, after losing your patience with a little one. My two year old twins haven't been napping and it makes it harder for them to control their emotions and impulses, which apparently makes me the same way. I feel so bad when I snap at them. I know it's not their fault. Way to go, having a plan for making things better for Daniel!