360. 11 Weeks Old.



Joshua's grown so much since my one month post, I thought I'd throw in an extra one for good measure! & to share some adorable videos! I took these pictures on Monday, so he was 11 weeks and 1 day. We went to get him weighed today too, my littlest is now 12lb 2oz! Which, for comparisons sake, is the same weight Daniel was at 5 weeks!! Haha! Joshua's still growing along the 25th percentile, which is great considering he was quite little to start with (5th percentile maybe?) Kiddo has some serious control over his neck, is very nosy & likes to see what his big brother is doing all the time, which is good for his poor little head (he was lying predominantly on one side, causing his head to flatten a little, but now he's switching sides to watch Daniel!) He can roll from front to back, and back to side. Clever little nugget. Sleeping great (I won't go into detail for fear of jinxing it!!), eating every 2-3 hours, fitting into 0-3 month onesies but t-shirts are too wide and trousers are too long, so at least we're getting a decent amount of use out of the newborn clothes! Still in size one nappies too, I'm not sure where this weight is going! Baby boy coos and goos all the time, though is often drowned out by his big brother! I love little baby noises so so much!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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