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Missing Colin. He's working longer hours & though I was positive we'd make it work, damnit it's hard. By the time he gets home he wants to eat, & Daniel needs a bath so they barely see each other. It makes me so sad. & once he's in bed we both collapse on the sofa, strain at the TV, barely enough energy to string a sentence together. I'm overly emotional at the moment & I have to hold back the tears everyone I think about it. He's right next to me now, but he's asleep. :(

Craving wine and chocolate. It's been a tough day, we've been at home all day, with a few visitors but I'm a little stir crazy. Add to that serious stomach cramps & a babe who just wants to feed every 20 minutes, I'm VERY happy to be sitting with a large glass if rosé & some plain chocolate.

Anticipating tomorrow. & a good night's sleep. Things will be better tomorrow. Plus we get to hang out with my Mama all day!

Thinking about my littlest, and how big he's getting. Kiddo's fitting into 0-3 month sleepsuits & looking BIG. It makes me happy that I'm obviously feeding him well, but sad that my newborn is disappearing. If I could I'd freeze both boys at the ages they are now. A gorgeous squishy newborn, and a clever chatty toddler. It's awesome.

Singing "Whistle" by Flo Rida. Everyone I whistle, Daniel sings "whistle baby whistle baby" & tries to whistle too, adorable!!


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  1. I love those pictures of Daniel and Joshua together - it's so sweet that he helps you out with his little brother!