350. Babyboy #2. 2 Months Old.




Another month. We're enjoying every moment, sneaking in cuddles every afternoon & evening when Daniel's asleep. Joshua's changing every day, looking bigger and bigger, and more and more like Daniel and Colin. His hair has lightened quite a lot but he's still very brown, and his eyes still haven't decided what colour to be. We're still breast feeding, sometimes every hour, sometimes every three but he still seems to be feeding for the same length of time in total. I'm so lucky to find it so easy, it's perfect for us. We bath the boys together every night, get their pyjamas on & read 'Goodnight Moon' while I nurse Joshua in our bed. He often feeds twice in fairly quick succession, and may want one more feed before I go to bed, but then sleeps soundly. Often only waking up once a night, around 5am. He wakes me by wriggling so much his Moses basket creaks and he squeaks a little. He has a lot more awake time now, but often demands some fuss or attention. Daniel's amazing with him, speaking softly and copying what I say & holding his hands. He is content for a short while lying on his tummy or his back, and can roll over or wriggle around. Joshua hasn't shown any interest in toys at all, but likes looking at my black & white phone cover. I think we'll get the play-mat out again tomorrow, see what he thinks of that. He also likes to be upright, and nosing on what's going on around him. Such a sweet, inquisitive boy.





Joshua Reg,

I loved your skinny little frog legs, they were like twigs at the beginning of this month, but you're getting some chubby thigh rolls which I might love even more.

I love the little squeaking noises you make while you eat, & the way you grab at my shirt, holding on so tightly.

I love the way you stroke my back while you're feeding, like you're giving me a hug.

I love the way your face lights up & you wriggle like mad when you hear my voice.

I love your smile, and your sleep-face, and even your cry face when your bottom lip wobbles. I could stare at you all day.


Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. He's so cute! I think tiny babies at this age are so amazing, every minute you can see them pick up on something new.

    1. Absolutely Durante! I feel if I take my eyes off him for a minute, I'll miss something! & overnight, he grows everyday! Sometimes I want to pause it, but it is amazing to watch!!

  2. He's such a beaut Beth! Makes my ovaries hurt! It's amazing how much they change on a daily basis. Daniel looks totally in love with him x

    1. Hehe, thanks Mel!! Daniel does, it's the sweetest thing to watch!! :) xxx