346. Currently...


Reading: Blogs. One day I'll pick up a real book again!

Watching: Colin browsing Netflix & playing the Xbox. Woo.

Thinking about: The wedding. I think I'm going to do a Pinterest inspiration post tomorrow, get the ball rolling!

Anticipating: The arrival of our cloth wipes that I ordered today, along with some lavender and chamomile oil. I'm also placing an order for an adorable owl wet bag, wipe bag & nappy! I've been thinking about it for a while, especially as my Mum won't be able to get discount on regular wipes for much longer (Thanks Mum, for keeping us in wipes for so long!!) and I found quite a bargain on eBay (a small addiction of mine!) I need another wet bag too, as I often change Daniel downstairs & the nappy is so cute!

Listening to: The Disney CD, on repeat - it's Daniel's favourite! He asks so nicely for "mooosic" and his dancing is getting funnier & funnier!

Eating: Healthier, to try and loose the extra baby weight. I'm trying to limit my treats too, though we do have a few left over from the party yesterday, even though I sent Colin to work with a load - I may have just had a chocolate doughnut though!

Feeling thankful for: My wonderful family. My gorgeous littlest boy, who sleeps so well & is so contented. My beautiful big boy, who drives me insane sometimes (he's been so naughty this morning!) And last, but not least, my biggest boy who I miss like crazy, but he's working so so hard for us. I'm so so lucky.

Inspired by the beautiful Danielle at Sometimes Sweet.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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