342. 8 weeks old.

Joshua and I had our 8 week checks at the Doctors yesterday. They measured & weighed Joshua (see below), checked my blood pressure & weighed me (62kg, eek! That's 7kg more than when I got pregnant!), then the Dr checked Joshua over (I keep writing Daniel!!) and asked a few questions about how I was feeling/feeding/sleeping etc. I also went back that afternoon and got the implant, which wasn't as bad as I thought though I have got a ginormous bandage on - that was done so tight at first it cut off my circulation & I couldn't take my engagement ring off!! I'm glad it's done now though & I don't have to worry about it. Everything's absolutely fine with both Joshua and I, he's gaining weight quite sufficiently & developing well. We have to go back on Monday for his first immunisations, sad panda.



Weight: 10 lb 2oz
Height/length: 56cm
Head circumference: 38.5cm





These pictures make my heart so happy, my perfect little family!

The weather's been lovely again, we've spent a few days in the garden & had a barbecue at my parents' which was lovely! Daniel's asleep at the moment but when he wakes up I think we'll try some shaving foam messy play, wash off in the paddling pool & then do some body painting! I should be tidying up, but don't have enough motivation - I think I have more in the morning so I'll just do it tomorrow! Plus Hurricane Daniel will just come and make more mess anyway! Instead I'll watch the Olympics, browse Pinterest & eat strawberries...

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Look at that fencer pose!! Boo to the shots.

    1. :( Ge was a little trouper, but we have more way too soon! Xxx

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! I just put your button on my blog, but it's come up with your old button image :(

    1. Thankyou lovely! Oh, how strange! I think I'll redo it again soon anyway, with my redesign!! Eeek!!! Xxx