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It's 5am and my mind is buzzing. Reading Bekah's posts, particularly the ones about her feeling down & wanting to make changes, really got me thinking. Thoughts tumbling out of my head, they may not make sense or be read-worthy, but hopefully getting them out will make me feel better and let me sleep.

I will try harder to be more positive, to take five minutes to do something to make me smile instead of getting to the point when I snap at my family. Colin gets the worst, by the time he gets home from work and I've finished cooking his dinner I'm exhausted. My poor, patient fiancé. Those times, just a 'thankyou' and a kiss from him would get me out of my funk. I'm not a very thankful person, I must even seem ungrateful at times, so I will try to appreciate everything that is done for me. Thanking others will make me feel better, and in turn I may get more thanks myself, win win.

I will try to appreciate the little things, focusing on one thing at a time instead of constantly needing to be multi-tasking. Giving something my full, undivided attention, be it my boys or the blog I'm reading. There is too much cluttering my mind, I need to step back and assess what is important. Blogging is something that is important to me, but takes a lot of time. I think I'll have to be somewhat ruthless with my 'following' of others', only reading the blogs I love or that inspire me, otherwise I could use that time more effectively. I love making friends through blogging, and will make a conscious effort to show others some love, through comments and e-mails.

I will simplify and de-clutter our house. My dressing table, for a start, desperately needs organising. Our whole bedroom, really. I am torn between making it a simple space, cream linens and less 'stuff' or giving it more character. I often leave things that need to be done, but I should do them straight away. Silly things, like putting the washing away or taking out the recycling, would make me feel so much better if they we're just done.

I will make more conscious decisions about my body. Choosing healthier meals is a start, snacking less and drinking more. Treating my skin with care, rather than just using a quick face wipe before bed. Using my time more efficiently, less browsing Facebook before bed, more looking after myself. I would love to start doing some yoga, my exercise regime is embarrassingly non-existent. After Friday, at my 8-week-check, I will start. Our fitness game on the Kinect has a great Tai-chi workout, I'd like to use it regularly.

Simplifying. Prioritising. Appreciating.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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