336. Liebster Blog Award.


I've been tagged by the lovely Emily from the boys, Heather from The Glambulance, and Lucy fromLeopard Print Mummy with this award. Thankyou so much ladies!

The rules of this award is:
- post 5 random facts about yourself
- choose 5 other deserving blogs with less than 200 subscribers to nominate and link their blogs in your post.
- tell your nominees you have chosen them for this award by leaving a comment on their blogs
- answer the 5 questions the tagger has asked you and ask your own 5 questions to the people you nominate.
- no tag backs.

Five random facts.
01. I am a little addicted to Diet Coke. I am slightly paranoid about the effect it has on Joshua though, so I've started drinking caffeine free after lunch. I can't taste a difference!
02. I'm trying to grow my hair, as I'd love long hair for our wedding. It's in three years but at this rate, it'll take that long!
03. A white t-shirt, with a maxi-skirt or skinny jeans and sandals, is practically my uniform.
04. I'm a vegetarian, but my boys aren't. Dinner times are pretty same-y in our house at the moment, I'm looking for inspiration.
05. I love trashy reality TV. I don't watch much during the day, unless the boys are asleep, so Wednesday night when Colin's at football, I love to curl up (preferably with some ice-cream or chocolate) and watch Teen Mom/The Balchelor/The Only Way Is Essex/Geordie Shore.

Emily's questions.

1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Somewhere warm & sunny, preferably right on a beach. I'm not fussy where!

2. What is your most memorable childhood memory.
Um. This is awful because I hardly remember anything! I remember the various sleepovers I had with my best friends in Primary School, they were always so much fun.

3. What is your most favorite movie of ALL TIME?
Harry Potter. If I had to pick, I think it would be the last one, but I love them all! I'm not really a big film-watcher.

4. Which season is your favorite, and why.
Summer, because sometimes we get a glimpse of sun! I love playing in the garden with my boys, splashing in the paddling pool, feeling the sun on my skin, and not having to wear coats!

5. If you could have one super power what would it be?

Heather tagged me a while ago, and her tag had 11 questions (& 11 facts etc) but I'm pretty tired so I'll answer her 11 but just do 5 of everything else!

01. How did you choose the name for your blog?
Well, I'm Momma B (inspiration taken from an incredible, strong woman) and, at the time, I only had one Babyboy! I'm contemplating changing the name now, but I'm not sure which way to go with it...

02. Why did you begin blogging?
To capture the memories I'm making, in more depth than just photos.

03. What is your guilty pleasure?
Diet coke. & chocolate. Typical.

04. What is your holy grail beauty product?
Foundation. I have awful skin, and without foundation I look terrible!

05. Do you tweet? What's your username?
Yes! MommaBBabyboy.

06. What's your favourite fruit?

07. White or brown bread?

08. What is your 'party trick'?
I can tie a cherry stalk into a knot with my tongue. I'm not overly talented in any other areas!

09: What is your favourite thing to spend money on?
My boys! I love shopping for them, and spoiling them a little!

10. Indoors are you socks, slippers or bare feet?
Bare feet, in my own house. Socks in other people's. Strange. I really hate feet.

11. What is the last thing that really made you laugh?
Daniel, he's such a cheeky little character! His Daddy taught him to talk into our fan, he thought he was hilarious!

Lucy's questions.

1. What's your favourite tv program?
Currently, Geordie Shore! It's so bad it's good, and absolutely hilarious!

2. When do you normally blog? Morning, noon or night?
Sometimes in the afternoon, while Daniel naps, sometimes in the evening. I often write a couple of posts at once (especially my SBL ones) & just add a little something before I publish!

3. How old were you when you fell pregnant?
We went on holiday for my 19th Birthday, where I fell pregnant with Daniel.

4. What age when you had your baby?
I was 19 when I had Daniel, and 21 when I had Joshua.

5. Favourite ice cream flavor?
Mint Choc Chip, or Italian vanilla.

6. Tea or coffee?
Neither! I do drink fruit tea, or hot water with lemon.

7. Favourite comedian?
Michael McIntyre, he's absolutely brilliant!

8. What is your signature meal to cook?
I tend to make the same few meals over an over, I'm vegetarian and Colin isn't so it's hard to find things we both like! Pasta dishes are my favourite.

9. How many siblings do you have (if any)?
I have a younger brother, who's 18.

10. Best memory as a child?

11. Pepsi or cola?
Diet coke, of course!

My questions for you.
01. What's the most-worn/favourite item of clothing you own?
02. When & why did you start blogging?
03. What's your favourite snack?
04. Do people 'IRL' know that you blog?
05. If your kiddo was a girl, what would you have called her?

Tag... You're it!

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Lots of Love
Momma B

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