326. Sidewalk Chalk [SBL]

Sidewalk chalk is a regular activity in our garden, Daniel loves drawing & thinks this is fantastic! He often requests for me to draw things, & obviously I oblige, while he 'copies'. Daddy & Mummy, and then the rest of our family, are normally the number one asks, closely followed by car/bus/boat/any vehicle that springs to mind. I also like to draw out what we are focusing on (shapes) and use it as a learning tool. Definitely worth the investment, though ours only cost a couple of pounds at most and have lasted us forever (though that could be because of our terrible weather...) Recently, Daniel has started shouting "SO COOL!" whenever he draws on the floor, so there's that.








Today has been pretty awesome. There was a lot of walking for Daniel, which as we know can be v-e-r-y s-l-o-w & kinda stressful, so I'm looking into buying a buggy board to help limit the grey hairs that I can practically feel coming! We went to a toddler group this morning, which Daniel loves and basically leaves me at the door to go play, then came home for lunch and a nap (Daniel napped, I browsed eBay and spent too long on the pone, on hold) My friend Hollie came over this afternoon, and we played in the garden before heading to the shops for ice-creams, then to my Mum's for dinner. We even stopped at the park on the way home, but Joshua screamed the whole time, and the whole way home until I got him out for a cuddle. Pickle. In other news, my knee has bruised like woah, and my right leg hurts too! Poor me. An early night and some pretend shopping will make me feel better!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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