325. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [044]

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Highlights include: My first solo shopping trip with both boys, we got a few treats! // Floor picnics, while watching Cars // Brother snugs, everyday // A busy morning at toddlers had Daniel falling asleep eating his lunch // Introducing numbers with playdough // Adding toppings to make an amazing pizza // Finally, sun!! // Sleeping baby cuddles after getting the housework done // Spending the afternoon at my parents' house, eating and sunbathing!

Yesterday I was running back to the car & my ankles gave way, my knee got grazed & it's all bruised and swollen now! I feel so silly, & it's made me fairly determined to get fit after my 8-week Dr check!

Joshua's FIVE weeks old already! I'm trying not to get upset at how fast it's passing by and focus instead on really soaking up as much of him as I can! Even if that does mean ridiculous amounts of cuddles on my chest & much less time getting comfortable in his Moses basket, he will only be this little once & I'll miss it so much once he gets too big!

I'm loving spending so much time with my boys, we have a fun filled week planned next week too - Toddlers, lunch/coffee-dates with friends, and making the most of the sun with our Summer Bucket List!

Linking up with Amy, at a good life.

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  1. sounds like you had an exciting week, love all the pictures of the boys!
    Found you from Amy's link-up!

  2. I love that red, white and blue striped baby-gro, so cute!!!

    1. It's a M&S vest, & came with a dinosaur one too!! A little snug now though haha! xxx