319. Babyboy #2. One Month Old.



I know I sound like a broken record, but where did the last month go? Wasn't I just still pregnant?! We've been enjoying every minute with our littlest boy, wanting every cuddle to last forever & staring into his gorgeous eyes for as long as Daniel will let us. Joshua's changing every day. His hair is getting lighter, and his eyes too. Though sometimes they look green and sometimes blue. We'll see. He knows the sounds of our voices, and Grandad's quacks (yes, weird.) He's growing so fast, fitting into newborn clothes now and his cheeks are filling out. I'm not even convinced the Moses basket will last much longer, there's only a few inches of space left! He does love his food, exclusively breast feeding every 2/3 hours during the day and once-or-twice at night, I love this time with him. We're going to the baby clinic tomorrow to see how much he weighs! Jo-jo (affectionately nicknamed by Daniel) loves being cuddled, maybe a little too much as he's starting to dislike being in his Moses basket or bouncer, fussing until he's picked up. Cheeky. Sleeping incredibly well at night, but being awake much more during the day, when his favourite thing to do is lie on my legs and stare out of the window at the sunlight and trees.




I love when you fuss until I pull you onto my chest, you take a deep breath and snuggle right into me, closing your eyes. Such a Mama's boy!

I love the little squeaks and snorts you make when you sleep.

I love the way you stare at me, mesmerised (probably by my dark hair against my skin but still) and copy me poking my tongue out, and even smiling.

I love when you start to get hungry, the little grunting noises and hand sucking slurps.

I love the way you hold my shirt while you eat, and sometimes I put my finger in your little hand and you hold it tight.

I love the way you have made our family complete, my heart full.



Daniel joins in on the excessive picture taking too, we've even bought him a little camera of his own!

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. Ohmygosh, in the 4th photo down he looks so much like Colin(from the photos that i've seen)!! x

    1. Really? It's crazy what other people can see!! xxx