318. Babyboy #1.


This little boy amazes me every day. He is two years and three months old, as of the 12th July, and time is flying. I want to remember all the little things that will change so soon, as he grows. He is learning so much new stuff and is soaking up everything that goes on around him. The other day, he counted to ten, just like that. I didn't even know he could count past four! Ridic! He's building proper sentences, and having real conversations. He went for a walk with my parents at the weekend while I napped, and while I miss him like a limb I love when he comes home and tells me all about his adventures - "Me feed ducks Mama! Me see baby ducks! Me go-go red pram. Me frow duck foood, weally weally high!" Though, possibly his longest sentence to date? "Mummy, you go kitchen, make me chips!", I'm not sure whether I should be proud of that or not! The majority of two-or-more syllable words are just said as the first syllable, twice. For example, tower is "tow-tow", Grandad is "Gra-gra", garden is "gar-gar" etc. If he has hurt himself, he will tell you how (or if he's not sure, he will blame the cat) and make you kiss the exact spot better. His favourite drink is "red-joo" (juice) or "mook" (milk) which he drinks out of a proper cup unless we're out and his favourite foods are beans and chips which he often insists on eating with a "Daddy fork". Brek-brek (breakfast) must be eaten with two spoons, which he chooses himself. Daniel's quite bossy, and loves telling people what to do - "Press dis button". He likes helping with chores, particular favourites being pressing the buttons on the washing machine, unloading the dishwasher, folding nappies. Still hates the hoover though, and will lie on the sofa with his hands over his ears. He knows all his basic colours, and shapes, and animals with noises, and can do a 35-piece puzzle in under three minutes. Pro.

Babyboy, my heart is full just watching you grow and learn, I'm trying to soak up every second. We're taking this new stage one day and a time and it's teaching us both new things as we go. I am so thankful for you and your brother, only Mama's will understand.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. This Mama understands! I love watching by boys grow yet sometimes I just want time to stand still and have my little boys forever :)