317. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [043]

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This week was my first proper week alone with the boys, and we did alright! Tantrums and tears galore, but we made it! Daniel's definitely hit his terrible twos, and though they aren't super terrible, it's a good job he's cute! I've tried to keep us as busy as possible, baby-allowing, using our bucket list and trying to get outside everyday too.

Some highlights of the week included adorable brotherly bedtime snugs, when Daddy comes home from work, flower picking for Mama and baby, a cheeky H&M order with some birthday money, dinner out at Frankie & Benny's with my boys (though Daniel was super-tired and got a fever during the meal!) and baby cuddles! Joshua definitely dominates the pictures this week, but he's an awful lot less energetic than his big brother, and doesn't tell me to put my camera away either!

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  1. I use to have one of them red and yellow cars! i cant wait get thomas one lol xx

    1. Awh! My godmother gave us ours, Daniel loves it!! :)