308. Summer Bucket List 2012

With becoming a SAHM again (for a year at least) and Colin starting a new job with longer hours (again, but he wasn't happy at his old job) I've been looking for ideas to keep us entertained over the summer and beyond. Last year I made a summer bucket list too, and we didn't do too badly (link under the header) & it was really fun! This time I scoured pinterest, and used some ideas from last year, to create a list of 50 things 'to do'. Quite a few are outdoor activities, which with the weather we're having might be an issue, but we'll do our best! I'm aiming to try an activity a day, baby approving of course! Yesterday Joshua just wanted to feed and be held all day, which made it difficult to do anything with Daniel, but today he's back to his sleeping, self-soothing self, thankfully!

01. S'mores
02. Collect seashells
03. Water balloon fight
04. Tie-dye t-shirts
05. Picnics
06. Build a tent/fort
07. Plant something
08. Fly a kite
09. Pick strawberries
10. Learn to ride the balance bike
11. Make smoothies
12. Visit a farm
13. Build sandcastles
14. BBQ with friends
15. Play tennis
16. Oobleck
17. Go out for breakfast
18. Paint rocks - magnets
19. Water beads
20. Jelly messy play
21. Body painting
22. Ocean sensory bin
23. Spaghetti sensory
24. Potato printing
25. 'Lava' lamps
26. Sidewalk paint
27. Disney movie day
28. Cloud dough
29. Bake cookies
30. Harry Potter Marathon
31. Mud pies
32. Bug hunt
33. Homemade ice lollies
34. Sidewalk chalk
35. Finger paint canvases
36. Splash in the paddling pool
37. Shaving foam messy play
38. Homemade milkshakes
39. Rice sensory play
40. Bubbles
41. Treasure hunt
42. Watch the True Blood series'
43. Cutting & sticking
44. Bake cupcakes/muffins
45. Watch 500 Days of Summer
46. Gruffalo day
47. Bake jam tarts
48. Swimming with Daddy
49. Visit 3 new parks
50. Family photographs

Have you made a bucket list? Link me in the comments, I'd love to read!

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. fun list! this is my first time as a SAHM and i'll have to make my own list to keep things exciting haha :)

  2. Oh fab! I must have to do of these myself!x