301. Next Mummy Stylist Blogger Comp

One of my favourite boredom busters, when Colin's hogging the TV or the boys are napping, is to 'pretend shop' online. You know, browsing different shops and putting the things I like into my basket, wishful thinking! I've posted a few wish-lists here before. When I heard about the Next Mummy Stylist Blogger Comp , (hosted by mummy blogger Mirka Moore of allbabyadvice-blog.com.) I was pretty eager to join in, I love Next - the quality of the clothes is brilliant and they always have cute designs. finding boys clothes I like is quite difficult but Next is always a winner!

"All you need to do to enter is create a moodboard of the sorts of things you love to the value of £500 from this season’s Next maternity or childrenswear ranges – and write an accompanying blog post telling us why these are your fashion faves!"

My creation

My favourites from the 'younger boys' line, I got quite carried away! I love bright coloured skinny jeans on toddler boys, and regular skinny jeans too! I included a few basics, t-shirts and hoodies (we do, after all, live in England & jumpers are often needed!) Some summer essentials - some cute shorts & sunglasses ready for our holiday if the weather doesn't brighten up! Speaking of holiday, that little green wetsuit has dinosaur spikes AND is available in both my boys' sizes!! Shoes are my weakness, for both me and Daniel, 6 pairs is a little extreme but they're all so cute! Also, how adorable are those little toddler boxers?!

My creation

I also browsed the newborn section, even though we have ALL Daniel's little clothes for Joshua and his drawers are overflowing with just 0-3 month stuff!! When Daniel was tiny I loved little jeans on him, but this time I adore little leggings, maybe I'm trying to keep my baby a baby for longer this time? Those little chinos have me sold though! Chunky cardigans and rompers are top of my cute list too! Plus a couple of 'little brother' picks, just because.

To submit your entry, visit Mirka’s post and paste the link to your blog in a comment:

Side note: Daniel has been sleeping for nearly THREE hours! Whaaat?

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboys


  1. I'm trying to do this but I can't seem to get all of the pictures together :( I can't right-click and save them or copy them as they are on a flash slideshow! How did you get your pictures altogether???? xx

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